Foreword:                                                                                                                                    Well, after so much procrastination, it seems that I have finally managed to establish a blog page.  I will no longer burden my Facebook friends with my florid prose, mindless musings and saccharin observations of the beauty of life.   Now, anyone who subjects himself to my missives is doing it of his own free will.  I need not apologize for anything in these pages and that is truly exhilarating!  Presumably, this blog has the title “Dusty Roads”.  I chose this title after much deliberation because it is a reflection of the fact that I chose to leave mainstream America many years ago and returned to the rural lifestyle of my youth.  I am far from an interstate and I spend a lot of time on gravel roads.  I am close to to the land and in touch with the passage of time as nature marks it, and that relationship provides the basis for most of what I write. 

 I like to paint with words.  In  the process, my eyes become your eyes, my world becomes your world and I am quite happy to welcome you to it. I will be pleased if you are moved in any way by the thoughts, observations, writings  and whatever else I eventually post on these pages.