With the exception of 10 years spent in New York City, Claude Pigeon has spent his life in rural northern New Hampshire.  He studied architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and has spent his working career designing and constructing buildings in northern New England.  Claude has also been a lifelong devotee of the guitar.  He continues to play blues and rock in local venues and has played big band jazz, solo jazz, and for several years was in the pit crew at the Weathervane Theatre in Whitefield, NH.  In addition to playing, Claude also collects and restores vintage guitars and tube amplifiers.  Harleys have also been a lifelong interest.  If the sun is out and the temps are up, you will likely see Claude on his beloved back roads either on his bicycle or his motorcycle.

Family includes a wonderful (and understanding) wife, Darlene, a blended family of six children, and four grandchildren.

Living close to the earth, surrounded by incredible beauty, and interacting with the broad demographic that defines the north country, Claude’s artistic sensitivities, practical sensibilities, and seasoned perspective of life combine to produce an interesting mélange of insights, observations, and circumspections.   Colorful people, rugged environment, cultural isolation… it’s been a great ride and it isn’t over yet!