I met an 84 year old psycho- analyst from New York today.  She is still practicing out of her 40th st. office at an age when most professionals have been retired for twenty or more years.  She drove up from New York to spend time with her daughter.  I had met her briefly last summer, and she remembered Darlene and me.  How remarkable that she is still working, is undaunted by a nearly 400 mile solo  trip and has such a keen memory…  She is very animated when she speaks and her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, whatever the subject of conversation.   Among the topics discussed was Robin Williams career all the way back to Mork!  She remembered all of the movies and roles.  I was still working on the third or fourth by the time she had rattled them all off, and then she went into detail about his performances.   Astounding!!!   I am inspired and humbled.