I am living in a world which is probably quite different than yours.  The world I live in is in a different time zone, not pacific, not mountain nor central and not eastern.  The clock and the calendar say that we live in the same world, but we don’t.  Time runs differently here, not neccessarily slower or faster, just different.  According to the laws of physics, time is relative to the perspective (position) of the viewer.   Theoriticians have written volumes about the witnessing of events.    Of course, that all has to do with physics, not life.  There are many parallels, though.

Most of you witness the world from within, you participate in life as it happens.  Up here in the northern forest,we witness the world from a different time point.   Our distant viewpoint subjects our perspective to a “gravitational red shift”.  We are not participants in the present, but rather, we are a step behind  of what has just occurred.  Consequently, we are separated by a kink in the timeline, living in a separate world.  It’s just a tiny kink, but a kink, nevertheless. Obviously, we move in and out of each other’s worlds but we are aware of out respective  differences.  Some are drawn to the way life is on my side of the time kink.  Others are amused by it.    I  prefer living  in back time.