In a very curious juxtaposing of viewer, view and vantage point, today, I had to attend a pre-bid meeting for a gas collection system at the local landfill.  The landfill is situated in an alpine valley high above the city of Berlin, New Hampshire in a wilderness at the foot of  Mt.Carberry.  The road curves gently from the city below and rises approximately 800 ft  to the disposal site.  As a part of the meeting, all the participants had to walk up to the top of the garbage heap (technically known as a cell).  From that vantage point, I viewed a breathtaking panorama looking north and west.  To the north, I could see the new windmills stretched along ridges nearly up to Dixville.  To the west, I had a clear view of the Kilkennies and could see nearly to Colebrook.   How ironic that such an incredible view can be had by walking up to the top of a garbage heap.  How sad that such a pristine area with vies of some of the most incredible scenery in the country has been given to the storage of garbage from as far away as New Jersey.